An EASYdoesit Production (

Director, DoP & Editor: Maxim Rosenbauer
Producer: Sarah Jansen
Creative Consultant & VFX Design: Max Kaehni
Head Of Production: Sebastian von Gumpert
Production Management: Gregor Möllers
Additional Photography: Philipp Himburg, Frank Weber
SFX Design: Solon Lutz (pyro.labs Berlin)
Gaffer: David Schmitt
Lights: Constanze Schmitt
Production Design: Geraldine Arnold
Hair & Make-Up: Julia Barde
1st AD, 2nd AD, 3rd AD: Mario Clement, Chehad Abdallah, Herold Vomeer
1st AC: Christopher Haug
2nd AC: Bastian Kempf
Special Thanks to: Jan Kleinebecker, Moritz Ross, Leo Hille, Elias Asisi, Eugenio P



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